• Section A 2d
  • Role-play the conversation.
  • Linda: Mom, I'm really worried.
  • Mom: Why? What's wrong?
  • Linda: I can't find my schoolbag.
  • Mom: Well, where did you last put it?
  • Linda: I can't remember!
  • I attended a concert yesterday so it might still be in the music hall.
  • Mom: Do you have anything valuable in your schoolbag?
  • Linda: No, just my books, my pink hair band and some tennis balls.
  • Mom: So it can't be stolen.
  • Linda: Oh, wait! I went to a picnic after the concert.
  • I remember I had my schoolbag with me at the picnic.
  • Mom: So could it still be at the park?
  • Linda: Yes. I left early, before the rest of my friends.
  • I think somebody must have picked it up.
  • I'll call them now to check if anybody has it.
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