• Sectoin B 1b
  • Steve is going to China to study.
  • His friend Yang Ming is telling him about the table manners in China.
  • Listen and number the pictures in the order you hear them.
  • You must be excited about leaving for China tomorrow,Steve!
  • Yean,but I'm a little nervous,too.
  • Why?
  • well,for one thing,
  • I don't know how to use chopsticks very well...
  • and I don't know how to behave at the dinner table.
  • Oh,I see.
  • Well, one important thing is that you're not supposed to start eating first if there are older people at the table.
  • That's interesting.
  • In the United States,it doesn't matter.
  • Yeah, I know.
  • It's also impolite to stick your chopsticks into your food.
  • You shouldn't point at anyone with your chopsticks, either.
  • OH,OK.
  • Oh,and there's one more thing you need to know.
  • You're not supposed to talk when you're eating dinner.
  • Only parents are expected to talk at the dinner table.
  • Children are not allowed to speak.
  • Wow!That's... that's unusual!
  • Haha.I'm just kidding!
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