• Section B 1d
  • Listen again. Complete the passage.
  • Good morning,Mrs.Chen.
  • Morning,everyone!
  • Well,today is our last class together.
  • That makes me sad,Mrs.Chen.
  • Your classes have been great.
  • I'm glad to hear that.
  • But the future will be exciting,too.
  • What do you hope to do in the future,Bob?
  • I hope to pass the exam to get into senior high school.
  • I'm going to try to get into a music school.
  • I want to play in a band.
  • I think you can do it,Shirley.
  • And you,Ken?
  • I remember you won a prize for science...
  • Yes,last year.
  • I'd like to be an astronaut and go into space.
  • It would be so exciting if I could do that.
  • I'm going to improve my English so that teach kids English in the futrue.
  • That's an excellent plan,Anna.
  • All of you should go for it.
  • I believe in you,all of you.
  • Thank you,Mrs,Chen.
  • Oh,this weekend we're celebrating the end of junior high school.
  • We're having a party...
  • ...and we'd like you to come!
  • Why,of course,I'd love to!
  • I'll bring a graduation cake.
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