• Section B 1d
  • Listen again. Match these sentence parts.
  • Dad: What's the matter, Peter?
  • Peter: I think I'm going to fail a math test, Dad.
  • Dad: You are? Why?
  • Peter: Well, I missed the bus and I had to walk to school.
  • Dad: So?
  • Peter: I'm not allowed to get to class late, and there was a big test today.
  • Dad: And you weren't allowed to take the test?
  • Peter: That's right. But I know I could pass that test.
  • Dad: Well, Peter, the school has to have rules, you know.
  • Peter: I know. But they should let me take the test later.
  • It's not fair if they don't even give me a chance!
  • Dad: Well, you might still be allowed.
  • Maybe you could talk to the teacher after school.
  • Peter: Yeah. Maybe if I explain what happened, she'll understand.
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