• Section A 2b
  • Listen again. Fill in the blanks.
  • Bob: Hey, look! Whose schoolbag do you think this is?
  • Anna: I don't know. Look, here's a school T-shirt.
  • Bob: Well then, the person must go to our school.
  • Oh! Here is a hair band, so the person can't be a boy.
  • Anna: It could be Mei's hair band. She has long hair.
  • Bob: Or the hair band might belong to Linda.
  • She was at the picnic, wasn't she?
  • Anna: Yes, she was.
  • But then the schoolbag could belong to Rita.
  • She's always forgetting things.
  • Bob: Oh, look! Tennis balls.
  • Anna: Then it must be Linda's schoolbag.
  • She has long hair and she's on the tennis team.
  • Bob: You're right!
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