• Section A 2d
  • Role-play the conversation.
  • This is Fun Times Park ' the biggest amusement park in my city!
  • I'm excited to try the rides!
  • What should we start with?
  • There's Space World, Water World, Animal World ...
  • Before we decide, could you first tell me where the restrooms are?
  • Pardon? Restroom? You want to rest?
  • But we haven't even started yet!
  • Oh no, I don't mean that.
  • I mean ... you know,a washroom or bathroom.
  • Hmm ... so you mean ... the toilets?
  • Yes! Sorry, maybe people in China don't often use the word 'restroom' when they speake English.
  • That's right, in China ,we normally say 'toilets' or 'washroom'in English.
  • Anyway,They're over there.
  • OK. I'll be quick!
  • No pronblem.
  • You don't need to rush!
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