• UNIT 5 What are the shirts made of?
  • Section A 1b
  • Listen and match the products with what they are made of and where they were made.
  • Susan: Hi, Anita.
  • I bought three shirts for 29 dollars yesterday!
  • Anita: Oh, really?
  • What are they made of though?
  • Sometimes the cheap ones are made of materials that don't feel very good.
  • Susan: A hundred percent cotton.
  • They're nice and soft, and they were made in America.
  • Anita: Oh, OK. By the way, where did you buy those chopsticks?
  • They're really cool!
  • Susan: Oh, I got them in Korea.
  • They're nice, aren't they?
  • Anita: Yeah.
  • Chopsticks are usually made of wood.
  • I've never see n steel ones before.
  • Susan: Oh, steel chopsticks are popular in Korea.
  • Hey, do you think this ring looks OK?
  • Anita: Hmm'yes, I think it's quite pretty.
  • Is it made of silver?
  • Susan: Yes, and it was made in Thailand.
  • I'll give it to my best friend for her birthday.
  • Anita: Oh, I'm sure she'll love it.
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