• UNIT 6 When was it invented?
  • Section A 1b
  • Listen and match the inventions with the years.
  • Alice: Was your life very difficult when you were a kid?
  • Grandma: Oh, not really. Why?
  • Alice: Well, you didn't have modern inventions like a telephone, right?
  • Grandma: Of course we did!
  • How old do you think I am?
  • The telephone was invented in 1876.
  • You need to take a history class, Alice!
  • Alice: Haha! How about cars?
  • They weren't invented yet, were they?
  • Grandma: Yes, they were.
  • Cars were invented in 1885.
  • My family had a car.
  • Alice: Well, did you have a TV?
  • Grandma: No, we couldn't afford one.
  • They were expensive in those days.
  • The TV was invented around 1927, I think.
  • Alice: Well, I know that you didn't have a computer because we learned in school that personal computers were invented in 1976.
  • Grandma: You're right.
  • But I have one now!
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