• Section A 2d
  • Role-play the conversation.
  • Jill: What are you doing this weekend, Scott?
  • Scott: Not much.
  • I suppose I'll just listen to the new CD I bought.
  • Jill: Oh, what CD is this?
  • Scott: Well, it's all music.
  • There's no singing.
  • I like smooth music that can relax my mind after a long week at work.
  • Jill: Sounds nice.
  • Well, if you have spare time,
  • do you want to watch a movie with me?
  • The director is really famous.
  • Scott: Hmm, depends which movie.
  • I only like movies that are funny.
  • I just want to laugh and not think too much.
  • You know what I mean?
  • Jill: Oh, in that case, I'll ask someone who likes serious movies.
  • Scott: What's the movie about?
  • Jill: It's about World War II.
  • I prefer movies that give me something to think about.
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