• Sction A 2a
  • Listen to the conversation between Wu Ming and Harry
  • and circle the correct words in the sentences.
  • What did you do on your vacation, Wu Ming?
  • I visited my aunt and uncle in Hong Kong.
  • Wow! So what did you do?
  • Well, we ate out a lot.
  • I believe that we ate at least five meals a day!
  • How delicious the food is!
  • I've put on five pounds!
  • Haha! Yes, the food in Hong Kong is delicious.
  • What else did you do?
  • Shopping, of course.
  • Hong Kong is a great place for shopping!
  • I spent so much money.
  • So what was the best part of the trip?
  • Oh, the Dragon Boat Festival for sure.
  • They had teams from all over the world!
  • I'm planning a trip to Hong Kong next year.
  • I wonder whether June is a good time.
  • Yes, if you want to see the boat races.
  • But it's quite hot in June.
  • That's one thing I didn't like.
  • Oh, I don't min d hot weather.
  • OK, then I think that June would be a perfect time for you to visit.
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