• Section A 2d
  • Role-play the conversation.
  • Sandy: I'm really excited about seeing the famous paintings by Picasso.
  • Wu Lan: Me, too!
  • I'm glad Ms. Guo chose the art museum for our school trip this year.
  • Sandy: I'm going to bring my new camera to take lots of photos!
  • Wu Lan: Oh, no. Ms. Guo says we must not take photos.
  • It's not allowed in the museum.
  • Sandy: That's too bad!
  • Do you think we might be allowed to take photos if we don't use a bright light?
  • Wu Lan: Hmm ... I think they just want to protect the paintings.
  • So if you don't use a light, then it might be OK.
  • Sandy: Yeah. I think we should be allowed to do that.
  • I'll bring my camera anyway.
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