• Section A 3a
  • Read the passage.
  • Underline the different kinds of movies and circle the movie names.
  • What Do You Feel Like Watching Today?
  • While some people only stick to one kind of movie,
  • I like to watch different kinds depending on how I feel that day.
  • When I'm down or tired, I prefer movies that can cheer me up.
  • Comedies like Men in Black or cartoons like Kungfu Panda have funny dialogues and usually have a happy ending.
  • The characters may not be perfect, but they try their best to solve their problems.
  • After watching them, the problems suddendly seem less serious and I feel much better again.
  • Laughing for two hours is a good way to relax!
  • I don't watch dramas or documentaries when I'm sad or tired.
  • Dramas like Titanic make me feel even sadder.
  • Documentaries like March of the Penguins which provide plenty of information about a certain subject can be interesting,
  • but when I'm tired I don't want to think too much.
  • I don't mind action movies like Spider-Man when I'm too tired to think.
  • I can just shut off my brain,
  • sit back and enjoy watching an exciting superhero who always saves the world just in time.
  • Once in a while, I like to watch movies that are scary.
  • They can be fun,but I'm too scared to watch them alone.
  • I always bring a friend who isn't afraid of these kinds of movies,
  • and it doesn't feel so scary anymore.
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