• Section A 2b
  • Listen again and complete the sentences.
  • Today we're talking to Jason and Susan about environmental problems.
  • Jason and Susan,can you tell us about some of the problems you've seen?
  • I think one problem is that the air is badly polluted.
  • I hardly ever see blue skies anymore.
  • Yes,and I used to see the stars clearly.
  • What do you think has caused this problem?
  • Well,there are more cars on the road these days.
  • And factories that burn coal also pollute the air with a lot of black smoke.
  • What other problems do you see?
  • I guess there's too much rubbish and waste in the streets.
  • Yes!Every day people are throwing away things like wooden chopsticks,plastic bowls and plastic bags.
  • They're also littering in public places,
  • for example,during picnics in parks.
  • This is turning beautiful places into ugly ones.
  • You're right.
  • These are serious problems for our environment.
  • Next,let's talk about the things we can do to help.
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