• Section B 1d
  • Listen again.Who says each of the phrases below?
  • Write "D" for Dave,"N" for Nick and "J" for Joe.
  • Has someone ever tricked you on April Fool's Day,Dave?
  • Yes.A friend once invited me to a costume party.
  • When I got there,I found that it wasn't a costume party.
  • I was the only person wearing a costume, and I was really embarrassed.
  • How about you,Nick?
  • Well,last April Fool's Day,
  • when my alarm went off,I got up,took a shower,got dressed,and went to school.
  • But when I got there,the school was empty.
  • I was the only one there.
  • After an hour,the other kids showed up, and I realized that my brother had fooled me.
  • He had?
  • Uh-hum.He had changed the clock to an hour earlier.
  • What about you,Joe?
  • What happened to you on April Fool's Day?
  • Well,my friend called me on Mary 31st last year and told me we had a match test the next day.
  • By the way I got to math class,I was tired because I had stayed up all night studying.
  • Then I found out that my friend had fooled me.
  • We didn't have a test at all!
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