• Section A 2d
  • Role-play the conversation.
  • Judy: Which teachers will you miss the most after junior high school, Clara?
  • Clara: Ms. Lee and Mr. Brown.
  • Judy: I know that Ms. Lee was always patient with you in math class.
  • She helped you to work out the answers yourself no matter how difficult they were.
  • Clara: Yes, and Mr. Brown guided me to do a lot better in science.
  • He always took the time to explain things to me clearly whenever I couldn't understand anything.
  • Who will you miss?
  • Judy: Ms. Griffin.
  • She encouraged me in English class.
  • She always told me, 'You can do it!'
  • Because of her, I put in more effort and my exam scores doubled.
  • Clara: Shall we get each of them a card and gift to say thank you?
  • Judy: Good idea.
  • Let's go shopping tomorrow!
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