• Section A 3a
  • Read the poem aloud and discuss what the title means with your partner.
  • Mom Knows Best
  • When I was a tiny baby crying all night,
  • my mom sang to me and stayed by my side.
  • When I was tired and hungry,
  • she gave me food and warm arms to sleep in.
  • When I was two running through the field,
  • she made sure I was safe and kept me from danger.
  • When I fell and hurt myself,
  • she gave me a hug and lifted me up.
  • When I was seven coughing badly,
  • she said no ice-cream for me.
  • But I talked back loudly,
  • 'I should be allowed to eat some! Give it to me now!'
  • When I was nine watching scary movies,
  • she said it'd give me awful dreams.
  • But I shouted back angrily,
  • 'I should be allowed to watch it! I'm not a baby!'
  • When I was a teen going out with friends,
  • she said, 'Please be back by ten!'
  • But I talked back again ' 'I should not be told what to do! I'm seventeen now!'
  • Now I'm an adult, thinking back to those times.
  • I coughed for days after eating that ice-cream
  • And had scary dreams after watching that film.
  • I was late for school from staying out past ten.
  • I regret talking back, not listening to Mom.
  • Mom knows best, and for me she wanted only the best!
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