• Section A 2a
  • Listen and number the pictures [1-4] in the order you hear them.
  • Did you and Amy have fun last night,Tina?
  • Well...yes and no.
  • Was Amy late as usual?
  • Yes,she was ,and waiting for her drove me crazy.
  • Oh dear.Where did you go for dinner,then?
  • First we went to Rockin'Restaurant,but Amy din't want to stay.
  • She said that the loud music made her nervous.
  • That's funny.
  • Loud music always makes me want to dance.
  • Me,too.So we went to Blue Ocean.
  • It was quiet and the food was great.
  • We had a good time.
  • Then did you go to the concert at the high school?
  • No,We decided to go the movies.
  • We saw "Remember Me Forever".
  • It was a really good movie,but it was so sad that it made us cry.
  • Sad movies don't make me cry.
  • They just make me want to leave!
  • You sound just like my brother!
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