• Scetion B 1d
  • Listen again. Complete the sentences.
  • Boy 1: Hey, did you know that potato chips were invented by mistake?
  • Boy 2: Really? What do you mean?
  • Boy 1: Well, here on the bag it says that they were invented by a cook called George Crum.
  • Boy 2: When was that?
  • Boy 1: Oh, it was back in 1853.
  • Boy 2: So, why was it an accident?
  • Boy 1: Well, one day, a customer came into the restaurant where George worked.
  • He ordered a plate of fried potatoes.
  • When the potatoes came, he said they were cut too thick and sent them back to the kitchen.
  • Boy 2: So what happened?
  • Boy 1: Well, George was angry, so he cut the potatoes really, really thin,
  • and he cooked them for a long time until they were crispy.
  • And he put lots of salt on them so they were really salty.
  • He thought the customer would hate them.
  • Boy 2: And?
  • Boy 1: And the customer loved them and asked for more.
  • He told the other customers about them,
  • and soon everyone was ordering thinly cut, crispy, salty potato chips.
  • Boy 2: And we're still eating them today.What a cool story!
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