• Unit 12 Life is full of the unexpected.
  • Section A 1b
  • Listen to Mary talking about her morning.Complete the sentences.
  • Hi,Mary.You look so tired.
  • I am.I had a bad morning.
  • Really?What happened?
  • Well,first of all I overslept.
  • By the time I got up,my brother had already gotten in the shower.
  • Oh,what a pain!
  • So,after he got out of the shower,I took a quick shower and got dresses.
  • But by the time I outside,the bus had already left.
  • Oh,no!
  • Oh,yes!So I ran all the way to school.
  • But when I got to school,I realized I had left my backpack at home.
  • No wonder you look stressed.
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人教版初中英语九年级 Unit 12-A-1b听力MP3下载

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