• Section A 3a
  • Read the passage.
  • What two things did Kang Jian want to buy in America?
  • Where were they made?
  • The Difficult Search for American Goods in the US
  • If you go to another country, what kinds of things would you buy?
  • Would you buy a camera in Japan, some beautiful clothes in France, or a watch in Switzerland?
  • No matter what you may buy, you might probably think those products were made in those countries.
  • However, you could be wrong.
  • Kang Jian is a 17-year-old student from Shanghai.
  • Last year he went to visit his aunt and uncle in San Francisco.
  • He found it interesting that so many products in the local shops were made in China.
  • 'I wanted to buy a toy car for my cousin, but even though most of the toys had American brands, they were made in China.'
  • Toys are not the only things made in China.
  • 'I wanted to buy a pair of basketball shoes,' he explains.
  • 'But I had to visit five or six stores before finding a pair made in America!'
  • He realized that Americans can hardly avoid buying products made in China.
  • 'In fact,' he continues, 'there are so many things made in China ' footballs, handbags, pet food, mobile phones.
  • Even American flags are made in China!'
  • Kang Jian thinks it's great that China is so good at making these everyday things.
  • However, he wishes that in the future China will also get better at making high-technology products that people can buy in all parts of the world.
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