• Section B 2b
  • Read the passage quickly. What is the main idea of each paragraphy?
  • Do You Know When Basketball Was Invented?
  • Basketball is a much-loved and active sport that is enjoyed by many for fun and exercise.
  • It is over 100 years old and is played by more than 100 million people in over 200 countries.
  • It is believed that the first basketball game in history was played on December 21,1891.
  • Then in 1936 in Berlin, it became an event at the Olympics.
  • Basketball was invented by a Canadian doctor named James Naismith, who was born in 1861.
  • When he was at college, his teacher asked the class to think of a game that can be played in the winter.
  • Dr. Naismith created a game to be played inside on a hard floor.
  • Dr. Naismith divided the men in his class into two teams and taught them to play his new game.
  • Players on the same team must work together to get the ball in the other team's basket.
  • At the same time, they need to stop the competing team from getting the ball into their own basket.
  • Today, the popularity of basketball has risen around the world,
  • with many young people dreaming of becoming famous players.
  • In China,you can sometimes see people playing basketball in parks,schools and even factories.
  • Basketball has not only become a popular sport to play,
  • but it has also become a more popular sport to watch.
  • Although America's NBA games are the most famous,
  • the CBA games are becoming popular in China.
  • The number of foreign players, including Chinese players,
  • in the NBA has increased.
  • And there are also more and more foreign players in the CBA.
  • Many young people look up to these basketball heroes and want to become like them.
  • These stars encourage young people to work hard to achieve their dreams.
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