• Section B 2b
  • Read the passage and put the sentences [A-D] in the correct picture.
  • He Studies Harder Than He Used to
  • Li Wen is a normal 15-year-old boy from the countryside.
  • He works very hard and does well in school.
  • It is hard to believe that he used to have difficulties in school.
  • When he was a little boy,he seldom caused any problems,
  • and his family spent a lot of time together.
  • However,things began to change a few years ago.
  • His parents moved to the city to look for jobs,
  • and his grandparents came to take care of him.
  • But he missed his parents so much and he often felt lonely and unhappy.
  • Li Wen's unhappiness began to influence his schoolwork.
  • He began less interested in studying.
  • Sometimes he was absent from classes and failed his examinations.
  • Finally, Li Wen's parents made the decision to send him to a boarding school.
  • However,Li Wen was shy and was not table to make friends quickly in school.
  • He found life there difficult.
  • One day he told his teacher that he wanted to leave the school.
  • His teacher was worried about him and she called his parents.
  • She advised them to talk with their son in person.
  • So his parents took a 24-hour train and a 5-hour bus ride to get to Li Wen's school.
  • They had a long talk.
  • "It was exactly what I needed," he said.
  • "Now I understand that even though they are busy.they are always thinking of me.
  • They take pride in everything good that I do."
  • After that ,Li Wen's parents had much more communication with their son than they used to.
  • Now Li Wen has really changed.
  • He became more outgoing and made some good friends in school.
  • He even joined the school basketball team and became active in many other activities.
  • "I'm much happier now,and I work even harder than I used to .
  • I know my parents love me and they're always pround of me," says Li Wen.
  • "It's very important for parents to be there for their children."
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