• Section A 3a
  • Read the passage about Mid-Autumn Festival and answer the questions.
  • Full Moon, Full Feelings
  • Chinese people have been celebrating Mid-Autumn Festival and enjoying mooncakes for centuries.
  • Mooncakes are in the shape of a full moon on Mid-autumn night.
  • They carry people's wishes to the families they love and miss.
  • There are many traditional folk stories about this festival.
  • However, most people think that the story of Chang'e is the most touching.
  • Chang'e was Hou Yi's beautiful wife.
  • After Hou Yi shot down the nine suns,
  • a goddess gave him a magic medicine to thank him.
  • Whoever drank this could live forever,
  • and Hou Yi planned to drink it with Chang'e.
  • However, a bad man, Feng Meng, tried to steal the medicine when Hou Yi was not home.
  • Chang'e refused to give it to him and drank it all.
  • She became very light and flew up to the moon.
  • Hou Yi was so sad that he called out her name to the moon every night.
  • One night, he found that the moon was so bright and round that he could see his wife there.
  • He quickly laid out her favorite fruits and desserts in the garden.
  • How he wished that Chang'e could come back!
  • After this, people started the tradition of admiring the moon and sharing mooncakes with their families.
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