• Section B 2b
  • Read the passage quickly and check if any of the habits you listed in 2a are mentioned.
  • Which four habits of successful learners can you find from the passage ?
  • How Can You Become a Successful Learner?
  • Everyone is born with the ability to learn.
  • But whether or not you can do this well depends on your learning habits.
  • Research shows that successful learners have some good habits in common.
  • Creating an interest in what they learn
  • Studies show that if you are interested in something,
  • your brain is more active and it is also easier for you to pay attention to it for a long time.
  • Good learners often connect what they need to learn with something they are interested in.
  • For example, if they need to learn English and they like music or sports,
  • they can listen to English songs or watch sports programs in English.
  • This way they will not get bored.
  • Practicing and learning from mistakes
  • Good learners think about what they are good at and what they need to practice more.
  • Remember, 'use it or lose it'!
  • Even if you learn something well,
  • you will forget it unless you use it.
  • "Practice makes perfect."
  • Good learners will keep practicing what they have learned,
  • and they are not afraid of making mistakes.
  • Alexander Graham Bell did not invent the telephone overnight.
  • He succeeded by trying many times and learning from his mistakes.
  • Developing their study skills
  • It is not enough to just study hard.
  • Good learners know the best way they can study.
  • For example, they may take notes by writing down key words or by drawing mind maps.
  • They also look for ways to review what they have learned.
  • They may do this by reading their notes every day or by explaining the information to another student.
  • Asking questions
  • Good learners often ask questions during or after class.
  • They even ask each other and try to find out the answers.
  • Knowledge comes from questioning.
  • Learning is a life-long journey because every day brings something new.
  • Everything that you learn becomes a part of you and changes you,
  • so learn wisely and learn well.
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