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  • Read the article below and underline the linking words and phrases.
  • Do you think you have made correct matches in 2a?
  • Stonehenge ' Can Anyone Explain Why It Is There?
  • Stonehenge, a rock circle, is not only one of Britain's most famous historical places,
  • but also one of its greatest mysteries.
  • Every year it receives more than 750,000 visitors.
  • People like to go to this place.
  • Especially in June as they want to see the sun rising on the longest day of the year.
  • For many years,
  • historians believed Stonehenge was a temple where ancient leaders tried to communicate with the gods.
  • However, historian Paul Stoker thinks this can't be true because Stonehenge was built so many centuries ago.
  • 'The leaders arrived in England much later,' he points out.
  • Another popular idea is that Stonehenge might be a kind of calendar.
  • The large stones were put together in a certain way.
  • On midsummer's morning, the sun shines directly into the center of the stones.
  • Other people believe the stones have a medical purpose.
  • They think the stones can prevent illness while keeping people healthy.
  • 'As you walk there, you can feel the energy from your feet climb up your body,' said one visitor.
  • No one is sure what Stonehenge was used for,
  • but most agree that the position of the stones must be for a special purpose.
  • Some think it might be a burial place, or a place to honor ancestors.
  • Others think it was built to celebrate a victory over an enemy.
  • Stonehenge was built slowly over a long period of time.
  • Most historians believe it must be almost 5,000 years old.
  • One of the greatest mysteries is how it was built because the stones are so big and heavy.
  • In 2001, a group of English volunteers tried to build another Stonehenge,
  • but they couldn't.
  • 'We don't really know who built Stonehenge,' says Paul Stoker.
  • 'And perhaps we might never know,
  • but we do know they must have been hardworking ' and great planners!'
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